The Knife Angel- Middlesbrough

The Knife Angel in Middlesbrough’s Centre Square, has been a talking point amongst the people of Teesside. I kept seeing this on peoples social media and decided to go and check this out for myself.

The Knife Angel stands at 27ft And is made out of 100,000 knives that have been used in crimes or handed in during amnesty periods.The wings are engraved with the names of the victims of knife crimes. The statue was created by artist Alfie Bradley and you’ll be able to see this at Centre Square until Monday 2nd September 2019.

I visited the Knife Angel on an early Tuesday evening and its certainly attracting large crowds of people all for the right reasons.The word is spectacular and I cant even begin to imagine how much work has gone into producing this piece of artwork. It is amazing to look at but it does really make you think about knife crime and those that are affected by it.

After doing a bit of research about the Knife Angel I found out that statistically, Cleveland has the ninth highest level of knife crime per 1000 population in the UK so I’m glad this statue has came to Middlesbrough.Hopefully by doing this the number of knife crimes in the area will reduce.

I also learnt about the #savealife #surrenderyourknife campaign.This campaign is driven by change and uniting the nation to have one stance, one voice against knife crime. Each family and organisation has it’s own battle for change, but the Knife Angel and #savealife #surrenderyourknife brings them all together.

Below are some photographs that were taken whilst taking a visit to the Knife Angel.

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