Banhoek Chilli Oil – Product Review

I have recently been given the opportunity to try and review Banhoek Chilli oil. I use a lot of oil whilst cooking so I took the opportunity to try the oil out.

Banhoek Chilli oil started out as a home experiment in Ken Kinsey Quick’s family home and the product was launched in early 2018. Ken teamed up with a former colleague Ed Morse to launch Banhoek Chilli Oil (UK) Ltd as sole importer and distributor in the UK in early 2019. The oil can be purchased from Amazon and also through

The oil is cholesterol free and is low in saturated fats and is high in omega 3 and omega 6. Meaning the oil is a healthier alternative to some oils which is great for me as im trying to eat a little bit healthier.

The oil can be used as a drizzle over steaks before they are put under the grill, with fish, eggs,seafood,as a dressing with pasta and with your favourite pizza. However I use it to try my mince in when making a Spaghetti Bolognese to give the dish that little bit of a kick.

When the bottles that I have been gifted run out I will certainly think about buying this product again. The oil retails at £8.50 on Amazon or for an additional £1 you can buy a bottle that is wrapped which would make the perfect gift for someone who loves chilli or who loves experimenting whilst cooking.

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