Tiger Lilly Chocolates-Product Review

This week I was gifted these beautiful chocolates and bonbons from Tiger Lilly Chocolates. Tiger Lilly sell artisan handmade bonbons and sweet treats. They are based in Thirsk which is quite local to me with me living in Middlesbrough/Redcar however they also offer delivery nationwide.

All Bonbons are sold in boxes of 6,12,18 & 24 and are supplied in boxes available with a clear or closed lid.They currently sell 12 different Chocolate Bonbons flavours and they can be mixed
and matched for all box sizes. I was sent a box with mixed flavours. The flavours include:

1.Strawberry Pate de Fruit & Dark Chocolate Mint Ganache in a decorative Dark Chocolate Shell

2. Coconut, Lime & Dark Rum Ganache in a decorative Milk Chocolate Shell

3. Sea Salt Caramel & Milk Chocolate Ganache in White Chocolate Shell

4. Parma Violet Gin & White Chocolate Ganache in Purple Chocolate Shell

5.Pistachio & Dark Chocolate Ganache in Milk Chocolate Shell

6. Raspberry & Rose Water Pate de Fruit in Milk Chocolate Shell

7. White Chocolate Lemon & Lemon Thyme Sherbet Ganaches in Dark Chocolate Shell

8.Passionfruit & Vodka White Chocolate Ganache in Dark Chocolate Shell

9. Mango & Stem Ginger Ganache in Caramelised White Chocolate Shell

10. Caramelised White Chocolate Ganache & Macadamia Praline In Dark Chocolate Shell10.

11. Apple Pate de Fruit & Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Ganache In White Chocolate Shell

12. Blackberry & Vanilla White Chocolate Ganache & Hazelnut Feuilletine In White

I received one of each flavour in a box, I didn’t know which one to try first as they all sounded so nice and looked equally as nice. I love the colours used to create the chocolates and with them coming in a gift box they would make lovely gifts for people. I will be buying these in future for birthday presents or even Christmas presents. My favourite flavour was the Parma Violet Gin & White Chocolate Ganache in Purple Chocolate Shell. This is because I’m a huge gin lover and love trying out all the new flavours. A box of 6 bonbons retails at £7.65, a box of 12 £11.05, a box of 18 £17.00 and a box of 24 retails at £20.40.

I also received a bag of Milk Chocolate Aero Pieces coated in Belgian Milk, Dark & White Chocolate. These were so good I practically ate the bag in one whole sitting. Im a fan of bubbly chocolate anyways as It just melts in your mouth, again these would make lovely presents as come in a clear bag with a ribbon tied around the top which gives them the finishing touch.

These chocolates are sold by weight, 175g will cost you £2.97, 250g £4.25, 325g £5.31 and 400g £5.95. These would make perfect stocking fillers.

All chocolates can be purchased from https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Tigerlillychocolates

And can be contacted via: https://www.facebook.com/tigerlillychocolate/


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