Marianne’s Plate

I was recently gifted this plate by Marianne’s Plate on instagram ( to write/review on my blog . I’m always looking on ways to eat healthier, lose weight and eat the correct portion sizes as I pile my plate high at times as I think that there isn’t enough food on my plate and ill still be hungry afterwards so I took the opportunity

The plate is split into measured sections to help control your portion sizes. This will help you make simple lifestyle changes that will make your diet healthier and help you lose weight. Included with my plate was a handy little guide to help using your plate a rewarding experience when used in conjunction with a healthy diet.

1/2 of the plate is for salad/vegetables. This section of the plate has really helped me as I don’t think I get enough salad/vegetables into my diet and this was something I was looking to increase.

1/4 of the plate is for poultry, meat or fish. Aim for 2 portions of fish per week. Before using this plate and guide I was lucky if I would eat one portion of fish per week so this has really helped.

1/4 of the plate is for pasta, rice or potatoes. Aim for whole grains as a healthier option. Also remember bread will count as one of your carbohydrates when using the plate and is not an addition to your meal. This has helped me a lot as I eat a lot of bread in my diet and I always add bread to my meals for instance if I am having a spag Bol I will have the spaghetti and also have garlic bread, however when using the plate I should only have the spaghetti or the garlic bread.

I look forward to continuing to use this plate and can’t wait to see if I end up losing any weight with it. I have only been using this plate a week but can already see changes to my diet by using it, it really makes you think about what you are eating and your portion sizes. These plates can be purchased from: and currently come in 3 different designs. They are currently priced at £8.45 – Melamine plate and £11.45 – China plate. I like that the one I have been gifted has examples of names and foods that belong in that section this has allowed me to try new foods and made me want to try new foods.

The guide included was really useful and gives handy little tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There isn’t much reading which I really like and you can quickly find the information you are looking for.

Here are some final pictures of the plate I have taken.

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