Whitby is one of my favourite places on earth to visit as the whole place is just so picturesque. I visited Whitby with my partner and my mum and dad on Sunday. We decided to visit as we had double celebrations, my dad was celebrating his birthday along with him and my mum celebrating their wedding anniversary (my dad always says they got married on his birthday so he would never have an excuse to forget their wedding anniversary.) The weather was glorious there wasn’t a cloud in the sky so we thought we may as well make the most of the weather and the rare occasion we were all off work at the same time.

We parked on the west cliff which cost us £7 for all day parking which isn’t too bad. We then headed straight for the Abbey and the 199 steps. The Abbey is famous because many people think that Dracula was buried here however they forget this is fiction. You can see the whole of the Whitby from the top and is a perfect place to take photographs, below are some of the ones I took while at the top of the Abbey.

Next on the agenda was a boat trip out to sea, along the harbour and to the coast of Sandsend. This trip lasted 20-25 mins and was priced at £3 per person, under 5’s free. I thoroughly ended the boat trip as this is something I have never done previously while visiting Whitby. The seas were calm and it was rather relaxing. We also managed to catch a glimpse of a seal while out at sea. It looks like it had just caught its lunch as it was bobbing up and down on the water with a seagull in its mouth.

We then enjoyed some fish and chips for our lunch which is a must when visiting the seaside. There are many fish and chip restaurants and takeaways to choose from in Whitby. We chose to buy ours from Terrys. We paid £26 for 4 portions of cod and chips which I personally think is reasonably priced. A stroll along the pier was needed before heading back to the car. On the Pier you can visit the Lighthouse and take in the beautiful sea views. The walk along the pier was such a lovely end to a lovely day with some very special people.

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