Bedsure Electric Throw Blanket- Product Review

I was recently gifted this electric blanket after applying through Bloggers Required The blanket is from Bedsure Home however this was purchased through Amazon.

The blanket can be used as a normal blanket or can be plugged in and used as an electric blanket which is perfect for them cold winter evenings. I have used it both ways but I do prefer using it as the heated blanket however I think in the future I will end up using this more frequently as a normal blanket especially when watching a film in front of the television.

You can set how many hours you want the blanket on for this ranges from 1-12 hours however iv only had this on for a maximum of 2 hours and then iv turned it off as I was too warm. The blanket has been a godsend to me as I live in a flat with no heating so it’s always cold in the winter months so this does the job of warming me through.

The blanket measures 130 x 180cm this is a perfect size as fits onto my double bed, the blanket was priced at £54.99 which I think is quite reasonable as this included delivery and it arrived sooner than expected. I would recommend this to my friends , family and followers as I think its worth the money.

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